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Swahili Courses

Swahili courses comprise three main stages : -


Beginners Course

By the end of this course students will be able to speak survival Swahili using simple vocabulary in different situations. e.g introducing oneself, asking and answering simple questions, taking and giving simple messages, obtaining food and other services.

Intermediate Course

By the end of this course students will be able to comprehend written and spoken Swahili e.g. read and discuss short articles from newspapers and books, have basic functional vocabulary for use at various places (work, business, tour etc.) and will have acquired some idiomatic expressions.


Advanced Course

This course is for those who already speak and understand Swahili to Intermediate level. The objective is to enable trainees to have high comprehension of political, economic and other issues of general interest e.g. to express complete thoughts on political, social and economic issues, express oneself on unfamiliar situation, support opinion, hypotheses and talk about abstract topics and read Swahili fictional books.



In addition to the below, we often run bespoke courses that combine language and culture.


Orientation Sessions

These are usually one day, tailored to each client and cover key political, economic, social, legal environmental and cultural issues in Tanzania.

Introduction to Tanzania

The course includes a country briefing, survival Swahili, culture lessons, participation in local games, a host family visit and outings to local restaurants, markets, concerts and places of historic interest.


Address: Various

Time: 8am to 12pm classroom, 2pm to 4pm outside activities and excursions.

Duration: 3 days

Starts: Every Tuesday and Friday

Costs: $200


We produce our own Beginners Swahili book ($20) and a 4x audio CD set ($50) which are available to purchase at any of out centres or at the Novel Idea bookstores in Dar es Slaam or Arusha.  The CD can also mbe purchased online (download) at www.songstall.com/kiswahilicourses


''This is by far the best book I've found for learning Swahili and the audio CDs are invaluable for helping to practice speaking.  I would reccomend them to anyone wanting to speak good Swahili quickly!'' Harrison from UK, KIU student 2016. 



We provide high quality Swahili to English and English to Swahili translation and interpretation services.  Please call us to find out more and discuss your needs.


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